How far away does the year 2034 feel to you?

Go ahead. Think about it.

Think about all the years between now and 2034. All the things that can happen. All the milestones your family or your children will meet. It feels pretty far away, huh?

I’ll admit when I first saw it, it felt pretty far away for me too.

My big boy will be 21. All the running around with sports, learning to drive, prom, graduation….so many things will have happened.

Then it hit me. It’s just not that far. It’s not that far when it’s the year my daughters murderer gets his first chance at getting out of prison.

That’s it?

That’s all I can think now. It still makes me so angry that one day he will have a chance to be free and murder again.

My Jayda girl should be turning 20 years old in 2034. She should have the opportunity for all of things I listed above. Dance classes, her first haircut, sports, learning to ride a bike, learning how to do her make up, telling me she wants to shave her legs, dressing up for school dances, learning to drive, prom, graduation….all of those. He took all of those things from her and so much more.

She doesn’t get a second chance to live her life. Why should he?

I’ve been trying to convince myself for a couple weeks now it’s ok. It’s a long time. It’s a lot of years to sit behind bars and think about what he did. It’s a lot of years of things he will miss out on.

I just can’t quite get there. I just can’t help but feel like it’s just not enough. It’s just not fair to my girl.

One thought on “2034

  1. You have every right to feel this anger because that man should be executed for what he has done or life without parole at the very least and the day he gets out is going to be such a tough day so plz stay close to God and let him comfort and protect you and your sweet boy, God Bless you both.


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