Priorities from a six year olds perspective

This little boy of mine never ceases to absolutely amaze me. He is brave, bold, strong and courageous. He takes problems and faces them head on. He seeks answers even knowing those answers may be hard to hear. He’s wise beyond his years and reminds me daily.

He’s been struggling wondering why some of his family hasn’t seen him in a couple months. Finally last night he says “I want to call them and ask them why.” I reluctantly said “Are you sure that’s what you want to do? You’re just going to call and ask them why they haven’t seen you?” He said “Yup! I want to know why and I deserve to know why. They may not give me a real answer, but I want to try.”

Wow. Just wow. Six years old you guys. I handed him the phone as he anxiously sat there waiting for them to pick up.

They got through their general hellos and what have you been up to and then sure enough he said confidently “So, why haven’t you seen me at all?” I don’t know why I was surprised he followed through with his plan. He is confident and this certainly wasn’t the first time he’s asked someone a bold question he genuinely just wanted an answer to. He got a quick answer of “it’s not because I don’t want to, I do miss you” and then the subject was quickly changed and moved on to something else.

After the call was over he looked at me said “I guess they’re just too busy to see me. But you know what I said before when none of them came to my soccer games or school stuff about people never being too busy to do things for people they love? I think this is the same thing.”

Even my 6 year old has figured out what having priorities means. You’re never too busy to make time for the people that you love or the things that you love to do.

If you think they’re just children that don’t understand or will never remember you are very, very wrong. No job is more important. No amount of hatred towards the people you may have to see at those events is more important. No significant other is more important.

Those sweet babies, they are what matter. ❤️

One thought on “Priorities from a six year olds perspective

  1. He sounds like an amazingly strong young man even with all he has been thru, Im sure you are a very proud momma.


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